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Dear Readers,

I have heard from many of you who want to know if St. Gabriel is a real place. It is not. The next question, or sometimes the first question, is if it is inspired by a real place. It is.

Since St. Gabriel Island is located off the northern coast of Michigan, people who have been to Mackinac Island want to know if it was inspired by the beautiful island on Lake Huron, and if it is, they want to know why I didn't just set the story there.

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Although the creation of St. Gabriel Island was inspired by Mackinac Island (one of my favorite places on earth), St. Gabe is a conglomeration of similar islands around the world that have fueled my fascination with living life on a car-free island, and have given me the desire to write about my dream. So it is inspired by Mackinac Island, with my imagination and bits and pieces of other places thrown in.

As much as I love Mackinac Island, it's a small island, as Cammy or Sara might say about St. Gabriel, and setting a fictional story in a real place could rub some folks the wrong way. If I had set Cammy's story in a real small town, then some readers might want to connect fictional characters with real people, and there is no real connection to be uncovered, I promise you. I would also lose my fictional freedom in creating St. Gabriel the way I wanted it, which I did, and it is now my most favorite place on earth.

People who know Mackinac Island well, know that many aspects of St. Gabriel don't exist on the "Turtle Island." I like fudge, but I like pastry more, which is why St. Gabe is the pastry capitol, not the fudge capitol like Mackinac Island. Many of my favorite expressions, locations, landmarks and traditions on St. Gabriel are unique to it alone. Even though you can't go to St. Gabriel on your next vacation, I urge you to visit Mackinac Island as well as other car-free islands around the globe. There is something about the pace of an island with slower modes of transportation that has to be experienced to completely understand the charm and how it slows the brain and calms the spirit.

Here's to all of you who have given me many genuine smiles and truly encouraged me as you've told me that you love St. Gabriel as much as I do. It's for you that I'm writing this series and inviting readers to experience my favorite place on earth.

I'll look for you on Main Street,

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